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Re: New Riddick thread

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I guess I'm one of the few who really liked "Chronicles of Riddick" and was looking forward to a proper sequel dealing with the Underverse.
I liked Chronicles of Riddick as well, but the flashback we got of Riddick's departure from that life was more than enough for me. Karl Urban got the throne, Riddick got shafted, then, yes, the first act was a silent film, but it was a silent film about Riddick getting back to the Riddick made awesome by Pitch Black. The rest of the film was great as far as I'm concerned. He even got a dog. (Yes, a stone killer with night-vision eyes and his evil carnivorous jackal-dog! It's a family film! )

If there's anything I have a problem with, it's the lack of a jaw-dropping single visual. In Pitch Black it was the ringed gas giant coming over the horizon and eclipsing the sun. In Chronicles it was the big ass invasion buildings falling out of space and impaling themselves in the ground. Nothing like that here...

But a couple of seconds of Starbuck-boob is adequate compensation...
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