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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

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Doesn't that scene in ATFWATFP actually take place after the events of DIW?
It could if DIW had implied it was so. For example you replay that last scene of ATFWATFP and then bring in the new story with 3 days earlier or something. But that would be in world reasoning. The real reason is that Michael Jan Friedman must not have read ATFWATFP nor communicated with it's author.
Actually, Mike specifically asked me to change something in ATFW,ATFP to accommodate DIW.

And I put the Enterprise going off to the Denab system because that's from the original Nemesis script, and I figured what the hell (especially since I already shitcanned the rest of the scene the Denab line was in by ignoring the Martin Madden character -- who I would later in Q & A relegate to an alternate universe).
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