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Re: Embarassing moments during good episodes

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While watching that "Metamorphosis" episode with Zefram Cochrane, I instinctively interpreted the alien as being completely and utterly gender neutral, devoid of any human notion of sex. I just saw it as something sentient that had tender feelings. Even when McCoy said it looked like love, I was completely oblivious to any sort of gendered suggestion for the alien. I was so stupid to think even for a second that the writers would have included an entity that arcane. Either they couldn't or they wouldn't, if you know what I mean.
Well, actually I don't quite know what you mean.

(Cochrane summons the Companion.)

KIRK: Companion. (It leaves Cochrane) We wish to talk to you.

COMPANION: (Female voice coming from the universal translator) How can we communicate? My thoughts -- you are hearing them? This is interesting.

KIRK: Feminine. No doubt about it.

SPOCK: Yes. The matter of gender could change the entire situation.

KIRK: I'm way ahead of you.

SPOCK: Then it is not a zookeeper.

KIRK: No. A lover.
I'm quite sure the notion of an alien entity that was both noncorporeal and without gender would have gone over the heads of 95 percent of the TV audience in 1967.
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