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Did Kirk Have Spock's Katra?

In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, after Spock rescues Kirk from Rura Penthe, the two devise an elaborate ruse to draw Valeris into revealing herself as the head operative aboard Enterprise. I have a couple of problems with this, most of which can be explained away following the mind meld. Did they ever get the rest of the operatives? How did they know Valeris was running the show and not just another pawn / assassin? Anyway, what I really want to know of at least get your perspectives on is whether or not Spock transferred his Katra into Kirk as a precautionary measure lest the assassin decide to shoot first. After all, Spock does say "you must shoot, if you are logical", leading me to think that by that time he suspected Valeris. Kirk says "I'd rather you didn't" looking like death warmed over himself, which is understandable given that he'd been on the prison asteroid. But I've also wondered if Kirk's statement is more telling. Was he at the time carrying Spock's Katra? Did his words then really mean hat he'd rather not undergo a repeat of TSFS?
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