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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

Sorry, turns out I remembered wrong. According to Memory Alpha:

The length of Picard's command of the Stargazer is from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Writers'/Directors' Guide. The year he took command is derived from "The Battle", in which it is stated Picard lost the Stargazer in 2355.
It would seem the 2333 date was derived by working backwards from the 2355 date using the 20 years number given in the Writer's Guide. It also had this to say:

It is unlikely Picard was promoted directly to the rank of captain as he was assigned command of Stargazer, but more likely to the rank of commander before being promoted to the higher grade later. In accordance with naval rank tradition, one does not have to hold a captain's rank to command a vessel (most were actually commanded by officers holding the rank of commander), and anyone who is commanding is called 'Captain' regardless of rank.
Also, even though 20 years seems like a long time to me, I sometimes forget to take into account that humans in the Trekverse live around 130 years.
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