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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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Actually TOS was only cancelled once the letter writing saved it from being cancelled in the second season. And TOS went straight into syndication and stayed there for years, which was't the case with B5. Now you could start a petition but in the end no matter what you do you'll be needing the cooperation of Warner Brothers to make it happen.
Thanks. I thought it had been cancelled and the letter writing campaign brought it back for one more season before it was cancelled again. And speaking of Trek, happy 47th 'birthday' to Trek TOS.

For those who are wanting Babylon 5 streaming...I think this is interesting and kind of makes my point for me:

It turns out that B5 is available to buy and download from and also Seasons 2-4 are available to buy and download via YouTube as of last week (Coincidence? Who knows....). And yet nobody on any site where I've been talking about this campaign ever mentioned either even though many people jumped on the 'make it available to stream' bandwagon. So my point about potential viewers having to know to go look for Babylon 5 stands. Sure, Netflix would be a better source but it appears that episodes are widely available, albeit at a price each and perhaps only in the US, *if* you know where to look.

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