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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Yeah, but you didn't resort to simply re-telling or re-arranging something. You told proper prequel stories.
But we're all toiling over very well-trodden paths at this point. Speaking from experience, it's pretty much impossible to come up with a plot or scene that doesn't bear some resemblance to one of the many, many, many Trek movies, episodes, books, or comics. And that's not even counting the fanfic!

Heck, I've been accused of writing "continuity porn" more than once--and not without reason! I've brought back the Hortas, Gary Seven, Q, Redjac, "God," the Pakleds, and the Great Bird knows who else.

And just wait until you see my next book . . . which revisits several familiar worlds and species and time periods.
But is that really the same as rehashing the Space Seed plot as the basis for your plot, and then rehashing the TWOK climax as the climax of your own work?
But I see very little of "Space Seed" in the new movie. Where's the part where Kirk found the Botany Bay floating in space, where Khan seduced Marla McIvers, where Khan revived his followers and seized control of the Enterprise, where Kirk deposited Khan and Co. on Ceti Alpha V?

Similarly, where in "Space Seed" was the Section 31 conspiracy to start a war with the Klingon Empire, the terrorist attacks on Starfleet, the assassination of Christopher Pike, the introduction of Carol Marcus, a visit to the Klingon homeworld, a top-secret Starfleet warship, relationship problems between Spock and Uhura, a falling-out between Kirk and Scotty, Kirk being temporarily stripped of his command and manipulated (briefly) by a ruthless Starfleet admiral, or the Enterprise crashing into San Francisco?

Seems to me the only thing that the new movie has in common with "Space Seed" is a bit of backstory involving Khan--whose story plays out very differently this time around.

Again, I don't recall Khan being recruited by Section 31 and then going rogue in "Space Seed." Or The Wrath of Khan.

One more thing: Both TMP and TVH involve an all-powerful, incredibly dangerous alien probe en route to Earth, but I don''t think anyone would argue that the TVH just recycled the plot of the first movie. They use the same gimmick as a starting point, but then go in completely different directions. Which is what you do.

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