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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Some important points:

-Continuity/backstory does NOT equal storytelling style. They could do a series with the fast-paced crazy style of the new movies but set it 50 years after Nemesis and DS9. TOS had a very different style to TNG, which was different to DS9. Stargate Universe had a totally different style to SG-1 and Atlantis, despite being a direct continuation of the universe with cameos from SG-1 and SGA characters.

-Continuity won't be handled any better than it was in Enterprise or the new movies anyway. Trek as a whole hangs together in broad strokes only. Just because they mention the Dominion War doesn't mean they won't make blunders or intentional rewrites as seen in the videos in my signature. Old continuity does not mean they'll do it exactly as you imagine the idealized Trekverse in your head.

-A new Trek, regardless of backstory, will have a visual upgrade. If you think a return to Prime-universe Trek means everything will look the way it did, you're wrong. You saw how the Andorians changed between TOS and ENT, how the Klingons changed between TOS/classic movies/TNG/DS9 and Into Darkness, how the Romulans, Trill and others have changed to suit different producers and improved makeup techniques. Now imagine the Cardassians, Bolians, Jem'Hadar or Ferengi being similarly altered - because if they're ever brought back, it will happen.

So, all that taken into account, do you all want the Prime universe backstory to return?
Nicely put. That first part is exactly what I've being trying to say. The choice of timeline has nothing to do with the style or tone or quality of any future Trek projects. It's simply a matter of what will best attract a new generation of Trekkies . . ..

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