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Re: Best Audio Book?

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Now that he, Tom Baker, and John Levene have all seen the light, that just leaves Jackie Lane.

I know she's retired but I really want to do just one audio play. Companion Chronicles are retiring but they will be replaced by Early Adventures. I can only hope she can be convinced...
I doubt it. She hasn't even done any DVD interviews, IIRC.
Yeah, I know, although she still does the conventions.
It turns out when she laid down for her nap, Ben and Polly Tied her up and left her in a warehouse, and then lied to the Doctor saying "Oh, Dodo says she's happy here, and she's staying, so she told us to say goodbye for her and take her place". And then of course, The Doctor just took this at face value and abandoned her, so, yea, she's a little bitter and not about to set foot in that TARDIS again, Lord knows where he might abandon her the next time
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