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how that contestant from Survivor, what's his name... Richard Hatch, didn't like the idea of a reboot
If this was actually a thing that happened, people are idiots who couldn't be bothered to actually do some research.

Regarding Mr. Hatch, his comments against the new series came at a time when he had personally invested a great deal of time and money attempting to get the original series revived, and were a direct reaction to the disappointment of not being able to find traction with his project.

The reason I mention that is that having just had an opportunity to meet him and hear him talk about both series, he genuinely considers the new series to be as good as the original and is as much a fan of the franchise as any of us.

I hadn't realized that it was nearly ten years since the new miniseries debuted, but that is as much a milestone as the overall franchise celebrating 35 years this year.
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