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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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The first episode would be the Admiral addressing all the captains of their missions. Later in a two-parter/season finale the fleet gathers to prevent an invasion or something. The series would end around an assault on another faction that plans to bring an end to the federation (the Dominion, or the Borg, or some new one) and the fleet we follow is met with other Admirals and their fleets for an all out battle. Sprinkle a few guest star/special appearance ship/fleet episodes, space station episodes, and a colony we catch up with time to time and you have a galactic Star Trek series (and a financial nightmare).
This and what Pocket Books has done to the 24th century with Destiny and The Typhon Pact books is one of the biggest reason I never want to go back to the Prime timeline.

I'm tired of wars and people killing each other non-stop in Star Trek. I can get that every single day on the news.
I wasn't picturing non-stop wars, just for the cliffhangers. The exploratory vessel in my previous post would be your standard Trek format, only fighting when it needs to; while the disaster relief fleet would be the other side of that battle/war coin, who will teleport down and be forced to solve problems.
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