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That's why I like RandomMobs as it gives a sense of variety, but I do wish it could be carried over to not just mobs, but to animals as well. But yeah, more variety in the types of mobs would help. I'd love to see bears and mountain goats.
Notch seemed to have a rule that new items added to the game had to have a function somehow, so any new animals would either have to drop an item used for crafting or aid the player somehow (like wolves). He didn't seem to like the idea of implementing purely aesthetic animals or blocks. Jeb has begun to display a willingness to move away from Notch's vision for the game in that regard and has introduced some purely aesthetic blocks in recent updates, and bats are the first animal in the game that exist purely for looks. Hopefully this means some more animals will come with the biome update even though they probably wont have a use. I think some African animals would be cool in the new savanna biome.
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