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Re: Emergency Sickbay Program?

Timo wrote: View Post
You can't really have a full medical staff of holograms (even for emergencies) as they take up a lot of space in the computer core
That was only problem with the Voyager holodoctor, who was allowed to grow unhindered. Holographic nurses could be extremely simple programs compared with holographic entertainment characters, yet very useful in an emergency.
Depends - modern nurses are highly trained medical professionals in their own right, and an Emergency Medical Hologram Nurse would be at least comparable to the EMH Doctor in the complexity of integrating a requisite amount of medical knowledge.

On the other hand, the computer automatically does most of the monitoring/observation/recording that would be done by humans in the modern day. So if by "nurses" all you mean is "someone there to reassure the patients, follow the readouts and apply sticking plast--, uh, use a dermal regenerator" - i.e., stuff that could be done by a lay person anyway - that would be as easy as any other holoprogram, yeah.

R. Star wrote: View Post
Seems to me it would be easier to have the EMH control any holo nurses directly with his own program, them being only the physical versions acting as he wants through a computer link or something. That'd speed things up as the "nurse" would be on the same page without them having to even talk.
We never get any sign that the EMH Doctor can control multiple holobodies though, even in cases where he's overrun.

Darkwing wrote: View Post
And for diseases, add in neural telepresence. The doctor is in one holodeck, in a hypnotic state on a couch, while they feel like they're in the other holodeck, treating contagious patients, but they're only a hologram there, so they can't catch anything.
Wouldn't it be easier to have both doctor and patient (at either end of the line) replicated as physical holograms?

Darkwing wrote: View Post
Oh, and as for how much stuff can be replicated? At least a suit, gown, and loaded Tommygun can be made at once...
Well, Picard explicitly says the bullets are holographic.
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