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Re: Whee are the aliens?

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You're confusing some paranoid minorities with the vast majority of "people".
Not necessarily. There are many people who behave in a sane and rational way individually, yet become total idiots in a mob. (That is what K meant.) Probably every parent has asked their child, "What came over you? You did this just because everyone else was doing it?" Many of those parents are not entirely mature, either.
Not really.
Feel free to prove your dictum, though. Not come with straw-men, such as your above comparison (equating a child with the population of a country? Really?).
Hint - the people who fell for the "War of the worlds" show - then and now - comprised/comprise no more than a tiny minority.

As for my evidence - "google, for example, "elite panic" and how thoroughly debunked the "Tytler calumny" is." For starters.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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