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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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While I don't disagree with your assessment of the quality of the episode, you damage your own credibility with multiple statements that seem driven more by emotion than fact. Were they in any document I thought was supposed to be considered reliable I'd feel obligated to demand citations.

As is, I'll simply assume you're letting your personal opinions interfere with your objectivity and accuracy, which leads to a somewhat amusing but ultimately disappointing read.

Though the idea that 45 minutes of any level of television...and on only one channel...would be enough to drive someone to throw their television out the window is pretty damn hilarious.
Well, even if we put my personal emotions aside and are trying to be objective, I would still find "Fury" a crap episode. I would have dislike it even if it had been another character who had been ruined in the same way as Kes was in that episode.

Even in my worst anti-Seven days, I wouldn't have dreamed about ruining that character in the same way.

The episode is simply bad. The whole scenario is unrealistic and totally wrong.

1. Why had Kes aged? If she had become some sort of Ocampa higher being in an afterlife which is the highest level for the Ocampa soul or so, she wouldn't have aged. She would have returned the same person as she left.

2. Why would she return to her previous level? It's said that becoming such an energy being is the highest level for the Ocampa. Why would she, as the only Ocampa dislike that paradise-like environment so much that she had to return to a previous level?

3. Why did she blame Janeway? It was her own decision to join the Voyager crew and during her whole time on Voyager she was happy and content with her life there.

4. Why would she want to destroy the ship and kill her friends there, the friends she did care so much about. The real Kes would never do such a thing. She would rather sacrifice herself than to harm any of her crewmates.

In the end of this pathetic excuse for an episode, she turns into a pathetic old wreck who wants to return to the place she left without remorse a long time ago. Now, where is the Kes who wanted to learn and explore, who wanted to go th Earth with the rest of the crew and maybe study at the Starfleet Academy? In other words, the real Kes!

This episode makes no sense. It has nothing to do with the ongoing Voyager timeline. It has no importance or influence at all to coming events of the series. It seems to be made with the one and only purpose to destroy a character in the worst possible way.

It's an episode which could easily be erased and no one would miss it.

And don't forget that Elvis did shoot at TV.s when he didn't like the program.
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