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Re: 12th Doctor Costume?

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You also forget that DURING the Seventh Doctor's lifespan he abandoned the question marks. There's none to be found in The Enemy Within.
I didn't just didn't mention it. But does anyone find it's weird that at the end of T Bakers era, he suddenly randomly adopts question marks, wears them through out his 5th and 6th life, than wears them for a god chunk of his 7th incarnation before randomly scrapping them, and ever since he has never so much are looked at a question mark?
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When 12 tries on his outfit, they should do it a bit like T Baker and Sylvester's try ons and have multiple outfits before finally deciding on an outfit. or maybe it would be fun if Capaldi picks an awful outfit for the first episode, then at the end of it after his head clears up from his regeneration realises it's so bad and puts on a more normal, regular outfit to wear through out the rest of his tenure.
I have suggested elsewhere a similar idea. But I'd say have him adopt various pieces of his final outfit as he goes through the first season (or at least the first few episodes). Picking up a tie here, some shoes there, a jacket on this outing and a scarf on that one until finally having a bit moment at the climax of the season finale where he puts on a hat or a pin or whatever and says "yes, that will do."

It only works if his outfit is suitably patchwork though.
Would be funny, but no, I'd like to have the definitive outfit by the end of the first episode or beginning of the second episode. But for Capaldis first episode, I'd like to have him running round either in Smiths remains of an outfit or run around in this god awful outfit he will scrap at the end of the episode. It would be a nice mock to past incarnations immediately thinking about clothes as soon as he regenerates.
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