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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Antares. Charlie Evans used his telekinesis powers to tamper with the ship's engine systems and destroyed it.
B is for Bones.
C is for Christopher Pike of Mojave, an Enterprise captain in at least two universes and two different timelines.
D is for Denebian Slime Devil.
E is for the Enterprise-B. May or may not have been commanded by Hikaru Sulu's daughter depending on how official you personally consider the novels set in the years after the opening scenes of Generations.
F is for First Federation, advanced makers of puppets and tranya.
G is for Green. The color of Scotty's unnamed alcoholic secret weapon.
H is for Harriman. Captain of the Enterprise.
I is for Iconians, "the Demons of Air and Darkness".
J is for Jack Crusher's holographic message to his son Wesley, recorded not long after the latter was born.
K is for Klingon bastard!
L is for the Last Survivors of the war and bigotry-shattered planet Cheron.
M is for matter reclamation facility. A polite way of saying 'garbage disposal'. An area of the ship that we never saw.
N is for the Nyberrite Alliance.
O is for Orbital Decay. What happens to a starship alledgedly if it loses power while in orbit. Then how do all of the satellites and the ISS stay up? Oops.
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