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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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You'll need a time machine to find such bashing threads and they weren't so common here either.

This forum is peaceful and constructive.

As for our different opinions of Season 2, well it's different tastes I guess.
Well that wouldn't be my first priority if I did have a time machine.

And it definitely wouldn't be the first case of my having differing opinions on Voyager. Ask teacake, Karabear or Brit on that.

It happens. Just out of curiosity.... what did you think of Fury? To me that episode just ruined Kes.
I hate "Fury"!

It's the most disgusting and insulting episode ever made for TV.

Not only did it totally ruin Kes, it was also a deliberate insult to the fans of the character.

There was a letter campaign going at that time, not created by me but another fan of Kes. The aim for the campaign was to send mails and letters to the Paramount in order to have Kes reinstated as a main character in the series again. The campaign resulted in thousands of letters and mails sent to those in charge of Star Trek Voyager.

The answer we got was "Fury". A finger up in our faces. "Eat this, you ungrateful idiots!"

I must admit that I still dislike Brannon Braga and Bryan Fuller for "Fury". Every time I see them involved in some project I cringe.

"Fury" had no logic, it was full of flaws, a badly written episode with the one and only purpose to humiliate and destroy a Star Trek character.

Personally I refuse to see the pathetic wreck in this episode as Kes. I see it as Suspiria in disguise or some being from a mirror universe or some evil spirit and who knows what.

And no, I will never watch that episode again. Once was enough and after watching it (fortunately I was warned by some nice friends in the US who had watched the episode some months before I got the opportunity) I was very close to throw out the TV from my window. Only sheer greed (TV:s are a bit expensive) and some concern about the people on the street below prevented me from doing it.

If I ever buy season 6 on DVD, I'll make sure that this episode is unwatchable on the disc.
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