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Re: The Fall: Book 4: The Poisoned Chalice cover art revealed

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I hope not. I'm really looking forward to this as I loved Swallow's previous entry, but a large part of the appeal of Titan for me is the Strange New Worlds ethos of Trek that has been the focus of the series and is what makes it tick. If the series switched to be another TNG-like take on the franchise, I'd be very disappointed.

I'm guessing (completely uneducated obviously) that this entry is more an "anomaly" for the series and we'll see reprocussions for the crew (a la Destiny to Over a Torrent Sea) that'll spin off into whatever next deep space assignment awaits the crew in subsequent books.

But what do I know?
I hope you are right and there is no lasting change.

I think it will be only a nice change of pace for Titan, that has the bonus of sounding like a very interesting story. I really enjoyed the first Titan book and it was set in Romulan space following up on the Nemesis story.
For me, I'd like a change. Titan back in the thick of the Typhoon Pact events would be way more interesting than yet more 'Strange New Worlds' stuff. Been there and done that over many episodes and more novels. I've lost interest.

In fairness, there's enough scope to cater for everyone already, so I understand why Titan is all about exploring AND why readers want that. It's just that I don't particularly...
The exploration part of Titan has been a lot about worlds in danger, and I can remember at least 5 novels in which worlds were destroyed or on the brink of destruction. So if they do go back to exploring, I would love to see more actual exploring instead of stumbling across a world which is close to going boom. Hell, they literally watched two planets explode in two following novels (The Red King and Orion's Hounds). Perhaps in Orion's Hounds the planet didn't technically blow up, but it was hit upon by a huge plasmabeam twice.
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