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Re: Most Attractive Female

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You know, the shame of this is I've seen some great pictures of Dawson used around but Star Trek almost went out of its way to make her NOT attractive.

Is weird as it might sound, after a fashion, I think Dawson would have a found a great home on a show like Charmed out of her klingon makeup and it probably would have been a whole new boon to her.

As she stood in Star Trek, it's hard to find her attractive in the series unless you're going for the whole "lets imagine what you don't see" approach, which, for many guys, I won't deny, that's a huge allure.

Jeri Ryan is the clear winner of Voyager, but I think the irony is she was hired for a very straight forward sexual appeal, but overtime, I think she actually developed a more sophisticated appeal that in fact overpowered or raw sexual appeal. I was never one to fall head over heels for a chick simply because they were a blonde with large, full breasts. As a matter of fact, I actually, personally have a natural aversion towards blondes >.>
This is pretty much my take.

Jeri Ryan is textbook attractive, and she's a great actress. But the way the show forces her sexuality on you as the viewer is off-putting.

Roxann Dawson's take on Be'lanna was great, and you could tell there was real natural beauty under that Klingon get up.

It was almost criminal to do that to her.
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