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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

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^Well, from Kirk's line to Scotty in TFF, it's a bare minimum of three weeks in between them (since the frame of To Reign in Hell could fit in that period, I suppose -- though Ceti Alpha is far enough away that it's unlikely they could make a round trip in under three weeks and still have time for a vacation).
I haven't watched TFF in ages, so I forgot that there was a reference to that specific of a time frame.
I always took Scotty's complaining about Kirk's "let's see what she's got" line implied that they started pretty much right after they left space dock and had to go right back. Although I guess they could have been out and about for a while before they problems got serious enough that they had to return to space dock, or they could have been in space dock for those three weeks.
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