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Re: Anyone here play REAL RPGs face to face with paper and dice?

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Always wanted to play RPGs when I was a kid, but never found anyone to teach me. Everyone assumed that because I was such a nerd, I already knew all the ins and outs and wanted me to DM/GM for them. The look of shock on their faces when I said I didn't even know how to play and would like to learn was so utterly disheartening, almost as much as when they said they didn't "have time to teach a noob."
That was stupid of them. They could have taught you the mechanics, helped you acquire the basic books (Player's Guide, DM Guide, Monster Manuals) and from there all you need is your imagination (and dice).

I want some storytelling, character-building, fun interaction out of a table-top RPG, and so far, I haven't found any local groups that are really compatible with that mindset yet.
Have you tried building your own group? Sometimes you have to ask around; the results can be surprising. The people I've played D&D with were also the people in my local Society for Creative Anachronism group and the Star Trek club at the local college.

But your preference for storytelling and character building are exactly the kinds of RPG gaming I found the most fun. We had a DM who made actual miniature props - if we found a potion it came in a little plastic container with a lid (was actually water & food coloring in a plastic vial). If anyone wanted to drink the potion, they actually had to drink it! Same with finding scrolls... we had real ones, and there was no hedging about who was unrolling and reading them. This was important because the adventure we were involved in had a number of cursed scrolls, and it was hilarious - after the second time we got cursed, it was a case "I'm not gonna read it - YOU read it!" while saying "I'm slowly backing away..."

And when the party's best fighter slipped on a bar of soap (in the castle laundry) and broke his ankle, we didn't tell him to keep fighting because he still had plenty of hit points - we had the cleric heal him.

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I wouldn't mind starting a trekbbs RPG thread and GM it. The character sheets would be easy, set it as who ever wants to joins first post. The minimum daily situation post would move the story, but dice rolling would be difficult.
That would be a hoot! As for dice rolling, there are some good automatic dice rolling sites available. Some of the D&D PbP (play-by-post) games I've been involved in use them.

Has anyone here tried the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks? There are multiplayer ones now, but the one I'm thinking of in particular is Starship Traveler. It's loosely based on Star Trek, and you manage a crew of the Captain, Science Officer, Medical Officer, Engineering Officer, and two Security Officers.

I have yet to figure out the solution to that book, some 25+ years later... (and if anyone here knows, DO NOT tell me!)
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