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Re: 5 reasons Into Darkness is a great Trek film

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Strongly agree on the first but thought Marcus was (though underdeveloped) too much of a "moustache-twirler."
I always thought Khan from the Wrath of Khan was a bit of a"moustache-twirler." An over the top one dimensional bad guy. That really isn't a criticism just more of an observation. Hollywood has many examples of clear-cut, black and white good guys vs, bad guys and in TWOK Khan was a simple bad guy.
He was evil and even at times maniacal but I thought he also had significant pathos, notably "Admiral Kirk never bothered to check on our progress" and the buried alive monologue.
I agree he had a lot of pathos. He's the perfect villain. He's not - nor ever was - a complex villain. And yet he wasn't quite two-dimensional either. In addition to the pathos, he was imbued with believable motivations for his villainy, and Montaban gave it that extra push. But that film was never about Khan. They developed his reasoning and why he was such a threat early in the film.. not two dimensional but not overly-complex - but they never forgot that the film itself was about Kirk, and Khan was just enough of a wedge to push Kirk from his complacency back to a great captain who needed to learn the toughest lesson of all: the no-win scenario. The film was never about Khan.
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