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Re: Space Station Jefferies

^^ Those double pylons are because MJ evidently changed his mind about the scale and just enlarged the sketch of Enterprise to reflect this.

Notice though, that the "1000 ft" scale bar is another indication the that the 947 ft length is definitely what MJ intended for his ship!

But I’m glad to see someone tackling this station design, I always hoped someone would. In fact I kinda wish this design was used as the station in the remastered "The Ultimate computer".

Incidentally IIRC, I’ve seen pictures of a NASA model that looks suspiciously like this design, and I’ve always wondered if perhaps MJ had access to that model, and had it in mind when he drafted this concept, with the intent of using it instead of the one he eventually ended up using?

Anywho, great work so far, I look forward to the finished product!

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