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Re: How Star Trek fans sunk the Constitution on behalf of the Enterpri

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My cousin who served in the Navy told me when they refueled from the Enterprise they'd play the Star Trek theme. I was never sure if he was pulling my leg or not but a search in Google did turn up this:
Yep, it's traditional to play breakaway music after every underway replenishment. Some ships take votes on what to play, some ships always use a set recording. So your cousin was NOT pulling your leg - except possibly about the use of the Star Trek theme as the breakaway music.

I started on an ammunition ship, which meant doing lots of unreps. We loved hearing the music - it meant the unrep was over. When uploading or downloading all the ammunition of a battlegroup, that might mean 0500 - 2200 (5am to 10pm) for 7 days straight. For a DDG or LPD, it usually meant 1-3 hours of taking on fuel. Strange how the most arduous sea tour is still the one with the most fond memories...l
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