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Re: 5 reasons Into Darkness is a great Trek film

Allegorical Message:

I thought Into Darkness held a great a message, and was neatly wrapped off with Kirk's speech at the end of the film, about giving in to certain feelings can lead one "Into Darkness". My only complaint was I felt the message got lost at some point about 2/3 through the run.

Opening Sequence:

I have to agree that (now that I recall) this was a lot like a TOS episode feel, and I love the way the Enterprise warped off with the main musical score.

Above Average Villains:

Eh, yes and no. Cumberbatch was awesome, but he is not a good Khan, he is a good John Harrison. I always enjoy a good Peter Weller, and his character was a pleasant surprise.

Emotional Resonance:

I thought the Kirk/Pike scenes were wonderful and the same with Kirk/Spock.

Fun Factor:

Yeah this is pretty much my number one as well, it's just a fun ride that is exciting throughout. Love the effects and the variety of action, though I always want more ship on ship battles (like something out of Nemesis, one of the redeeming qualities of that film).
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