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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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If we can get a bunch of those showing it so that potential new viewers can run across it while channel surfing, they're more likely to go looking for more...on Netflix or Hulu or other streaming sites.
I think that's underestimating the ability of Netflix to attract new viewers in the first place. For many, browsing their Netflix recommendations is the new channel surfing ("Oh you liked Battlestar Galactica? Check out Babylon 5!").

Don't get me wrong, I think it would be great to get B5 back in syndication... But if the long term goal of this campaign is to grow the B5 fanbase, then I think the single most impactful thing we could do is get the show back on Netflix Instant (at least in the US).

And now is the time to make this a top priority. When JMS' and the Wachowski's Sense 8 premiers exclusively on Netflix next year, they're going to promote the hell out of it. If we can make sure B5 is also on the service then, it will appear on everyone's recommendations who check out the new show. If we ride that wave, it could be huge.
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