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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Okay, I follow your logic, but I still think it's an unnecessary stretch. Personally, I think I'm still comfortable with Enterprise and series 17 being Constitution-class ships.
I like the Mastercom class/subclass explanation here. Yeah, it's a minor retcon that they're all Connies, but various flavors thereof.

Actually, I'm more for rejecting Jein's numbers all together. I realize later day Trek went with them and enshrined many of them in the on-screen canon, but I'm willing to ignore such business.
I don't see a need for that at all. Just using what SOTSF gave us, with the refits, allows Jein's 16xx ships to be something Other-than-Connies that were remade into Connies.

won't bother preaching on behalf of FJ's Star Fleet Technical Manual, as I know many people here simply won't have it, but I always thought his registry numbers (especially for the Enterprise sister ships) seemed more sensible. The way the Status Chart is played in "Court Martial" suggests that those ships are at the Starbase "now" and it always rubbed me the wrong way that nearly all the Enterprise sister ships would be there at once, being worked on.
And as I mentioned before, FJ's registries might be the authorized, intended registries, but the pressures of a war forced them NOT to decom a bunch of 16xx ships that were supposed to make way for new 17xx ships. and after any war, the politicians find a "peace dividend" - they cut the military budget. Ships that ought to get decommissioned and replaced with new ships stay in commission, and more money gets spent keeping them working (just in smaller chunks), exactly as today's navy does, and so has any military since Sargon.

On the other hand, I am in favor of MJ notion of ship numbers being DDSS where D is the design series number and S is the individual hull number, which would make the status chart showing ships of three different classes being worked on. Make better sense to me.
If planning out a new verse, ala nu-Trek, sure. Real Trek is too sprawling and messy for that to make sense, and has been since at least the mid-80s.
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