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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

I think the thing that Bob may not be making fully clear (and do feel free to correct me, pal) is his desire to distinguish original intent of the TOS production from what's been established by the sequel series and her spinoffs. I share his desire to understand these things as separate entities. I don't presume to speak for Bob, but as we've seen he prefers to honor the original intent over what was later established. He prefers the rough draft to the final print, to extend Albertese's earlier metaphor.

Personally, I would really like to use the Jefferies numbering scheme, but I'm convinced that it's invalidated as early as TWOK, when we see the Reliant, a ship with an almost completely different type of design, with a registry that starts with 18. According to Jefferies, this would mean she's the 18th cruiser design. The only way I think there would be an out is if the Reliant was NCL-1864, or something along those lines.

Now, that still doesn't make Jein's retcon and fuzzy logic on the "Court Martial" screen right, and I still don't accept it, nor do I choose to accept any of the TOS-R uses of the 16xx numbers. But, I also still accept that there was a U.S.S. Constitution. Frankly, I can live with considering the 1701 Enterprise class all along, as a subtype of the Constitution class, primarily because it makes the "Starship Class" thing make a twinge of sense. It makes sense to me that laymen in-universe wouldn't remember that the 1701 was actually Enterprise subtype.

And I still don't think the Yorktown makes much sense as the A.
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