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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

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Although I'm still annoyed at Franz Joseph for not realizing that the "pipe cathedral" behind the engine-room grille was a forced-perspective set piece.
Well, it wouldn't come as a surprise once you assume (what I do) that The Making of Star Trek (with the studio set blueprint and its forced-perspective "cathedral") was all he basically worked with.
His hangar deck observation corridor (with the pairs of triple windows) clearly reveals that either he had never seen the actual shuttlebay VFX footage or didn't notice.
The single very long & comprehensive interview with FJ that I have read, which was in ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS magazine, indicates everything he did that wasn't whole cloth invention derived from hours and hour and hours of studying film clips ... I don't think he mentions the drawing in TMOST at all (and I thought years back that everybody had declared the line drawings in that book as invalid, though I can't point to anything other than memory.)

I don't know if there are other particulars that interview might shed light upon, but it is definitely in the EI all interviews issue, plus I guess a previous one as well.
"Then [FJ's daughter] Karen got a set of the...they're called the "Enterprise drawing set" at Lincoln know, the famous three-view and the cutaway, and other things from Stephen Whitfield's book; and the drawing of the hangar deck...and I think there was also a drawing of the shuttlecraft. From these sketches and those in Whitfield's book, I then laid out...those drawings were bad, they're out of scale...but I laid the drawing out, scaled and sized it, and made a drawing of the Enterprise. Next I devised the Dreadnought, made a drawing of one of the uniforms, and about twelve drawings in all. They were drawn on the format I'd already devised for the Technical Orders. I sent a copy of the T.O.'s for the Dreadnought and the Enterprise to Gene Roddenberry on June 3rd, told him what I was doing, and inquired about proprietary rights."

The old Enterprise Incidents article is here
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