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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

Shoot, the main reason I went so heavy into laserdisc for the whole stretch of the 90s was for OAR (though having nearly twice the resolution was awfully nice too ... looking at 2001 or BLADE RUNNER in LD after VHS was a wonderful reminder of the theatrical experience, though we're kind of spoiled now that we can see movies looking about as good at home as in the cinema.)

I remember trying to watch 2001 on its first (only?) network run, probably 1976 or 1980, and having to switch off, because it was incomprehensible visually with so much image missing. Worse than watching a cropped version of a threeway spaghetti western gunfight, about on par with RIVER KWAI, which had a seen on the cropped version that was about 2 minutes of the middle of a table, and you'd occasionally see either Obi Wan or Sessue's hand come into frame. Ridiculous.

I think being able to see stuff, especially older stuff, in OAR is going to be a big benefit on films in the next decade with newer filmmakers who I hope won't feel compelled to continue with the ADD cutting that has gone from bad to preposterous in the last couple decades. Frame a shot properly to tell the story and you don't have to gimmick stuff up with ten cuts in twelve seconds, because what you've got up there is a strong enough visually you don't need those kinds of crutches.
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