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Re: Whee are the aliens?

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Sigh...and this is why, if extra terrestrials do exist, they will continue to be covered up.
This is yet another case in a long list starting with the 1938 WAR OF THE WORLDS radio broadcast. Other radio troupes have performed the script—even updated versions—yet contemporary audiences are still sent into a tailspin over invading aliens. One performance resulted in an Ecuador radio station being burned to the ground. Most of these broadcasts result in thousands of panicked phone calls to local police, at least.

(A 1994 LA Theaterworks live broadcast featured several STAR TREK actors, and was directed by John de Lancie.)

That many people are so credulous—even when one of these radio dramas is interrupted every 15 minutes with a station ID—is proof that freedom cannot be "given" to a people. They must be bright enough to think for themselves.

You'd think that with over 50 years of indoctrination by film and other media, that we would be closer to being psychologically prepared.
The "indoctrination" is the problem; again, people must be able to think for themselves. We've had far too much Hollywood indoctrination.
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