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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

Is it a poll calling for the Newverse to be eliminated though? And not simply whether fans want the Prime back or not?

I voted yes. Film and TV would involve a different cast and a different setting anyhow. Therefore should be able to go in different directions too. Audiences go to see that particular group of characters, played by movie stars, in an action-packed spectacle on the big-screen every two or three years. Between 13 and 26 weeks a season, in something else slow burning and serialised, they get to know a whole other set of characters. Assume a limited lifespan on them unless the unlikely happens and the TV cast become the next big thing, and so their stories have basically been and gone in the time it takes Pine, Quinto, Saldana et all to reconvene. Might as well make it another universe for all the relevance it can have on the other.

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