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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 80; The woes of Miles Edward O'Brien

Gul Evek: Seriously? You lowered your shields and just let us beam aboard? Are you sure there's no other reasons why you're not an officer?

O'Brien: Worst date night ever.

Nog's first attempts to operate the transporter were less than successful.

Sisko: Happy birthday, Mister O'Brien.

Dax: (over comm) Dax to Sisko, incoming message from starfleet command regarding your questions about "mandatory retirement ages."

Sisko: Uh-oh. Take a message.

O'Brien: I am never going to be your wingman again!

Bashir: It wasn't that bad.

O'Brien: She shot us!

Bashir: At least this time it was on stun!
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