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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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I like the series, and wish it would receive an upgrade to HD (which is probably the most damaging factor to its current and future fate in syndication)
That's a very good point. Even if it was picked up for syndication, would it gain a significant number of viewers in its dated state? This isn't about what we think of the show, but about the initial impression a first timer might have.

But an HD upgrade isn't happening, so I wonder if our efforts might be better focused on streaming sites like Netflix? That seems like the perfect venue for older shows, especially ones that lend themselves to binge viewing like B5.
That's what i was wondering too. Some months ago i put in a DVD of my Friends 10 season box and it looked absolutely horrible on my new HD big screen TV.

How does B5 look on such a TV for the people who own the DVDs? Is the upscaling feature of modern BR players enough to clear up the picture and make it watchable?
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