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Re: Best Audio Book?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
I'm waiting for Romana and Leela get to married in the final episode next month.

Everyone buy your rice now.
I'll be in my bunk.

Emh wrote: View Post
Now that he, Tom Baker, and John Levene have all seen the light, that just leaves Jackie Lane.

I know she's retired but I really want to do just one audio play. Companion Chronicles are retiring but they will be replaced by Early Adventures. I can only hope she can be convinced...
I doubt it. She hasn't even done any DVD interviews, IIRC.

Iamnotspock wrote: View Post
Sindatur wrote: View Post
So, the better adventures of K9 and Company (Cheezy and awful as it is, I do have a soft spot in my heart for K9 and Company)
Kind of, but without K9. Not sure why, but he'd broken down and been placed in a box in the attic...
Did we ever find out what happened to Sarah Jane's nephew/ward/whoever that kid was from "A Girl's Best Friend"?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
She's a chubby chaser.

(Notice how quickly Melanie abandoned the thin 7th Doctor when she got a good look at Glitz's pie-belly?)

Who is the fat man she can cling to and feed diet shakes in/on Gallifrey?
Commander Maxil?
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