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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

There was a scene in one of the first all new X-men where scott gets into a huff and runs off because he doesn't like being treated like a child... So after he stole Wolverine's Motorcycle, he walks into a convenience store in the near by town...

"Hey? What's with all the bottled water? No seriously, what's with all the bottled water!? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE REGULAR WATER THAT YOU NEED TO SELL ALL THIS BOTTLED WATER!!??"

Xavier is going to erase their memories as soon as they get home.

That's a very real version of death is you want to get really hippy about it.

Meanwhile Jean Knows that she is going to die literally if Xavier figuratively removes these experiences from her personality.

Warren is kind of annoyed about being blank slated, but maybe no ones mentioned the crucifixion in the Morlock tunnels that lead to the amputation of his original wings.

Cyclps turns into mutant Hitler hugging it out with Magneto.

Beast is an endless botch of mutations. Compare him to a plastic surgery addict i dare you... God forbid Old Beast tried to explain to young Beast what's happening with the Illuminati, or young Beast tries to explain to old Beast that in this future and only in this future that he has gotten to second base with Jean Grey.

And then there's Bobby.

That poor dumb bastard.

He's a C.P.A.
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