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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Too bad it would have violated VOY's "No Support" part of the premise. That was something they never should have made part of the series to begin with.

It would have been a start and better than seemingly not addressing it, and we don't even need to see it.

Captains Log stardate xxxxx.x We have departed the Xantos Beta star system were we have spent the last fortnight conducting repairs following our encounter with the Borg. It also gave us time to mourn those we lost in the encounter.

A few seconds of dialouge is all it takes
Look, as easy as you make it sound it wouldn't work like that. It's pretty obvious just how harsh and critical VOY's audience was. They would just be angered further by just having a few sentences of dialog, they'd demand a 10 episode arc about VOY being repaired with most of the screentime being dedicated to nothing but the repairs.

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