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"Kirk, You Do This, You'll Never Sit in the Captain's Chair Again."

Spoken by Captain Styles just before the Enterprise goes to warp. But why? Styles clearly had no love for Kirk or what he was doing, repeatedly touting his ship as being superior to the Enterprise ("Looking forward to breaking some of Enterprise's speed records tomorrow."; "If he tries to get away with warp drive, he's really in for a shock."). And it seems unlikely Styles himself had the authority to take away Kirk's commission.

No doubt his testimony about the Excelsior's sabotage and Kirk's refusal to stand down helped the Federation Council compile their list of charges against Kirk and his friends, but that's most likely where Styles involvement in the situation would have ended. After all, he had his own problems to worry about (Excelsior repairs and embarrassment over being outmaneuvered by Kirk and Scotty). So why say anything? Or was the line merely a plot device to underscore the finality of what Kirk was about to do? In other words, drive home the point that if Kirk wants to save Spock, he's throwing away his career in the process.

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