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Re: Orci strikes back

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Who has gone on to apologize for his reaction.

Spend 4 years hearing the same entitlement mindset garbage from the vocal members of the fanbase, some of it bordering on abusive, a good portion the sort of stuff that would get a person kicked from a messageboard on most counts, and see what mood you're in at the end of the day.

--Not saying he couldn't have worded better, but he had every right snap back at the people snapping at him.
Could you point out which part of the original article was snapping at him, bordered on abusive, and would get a person kicked from a message board which called for Orci's response? Here's a link.

I don't mind passion, but the "I'm a cool writer and you're not" garbage is disappointing. And as far as apologizing, did he apologize to the author of the editorial?
It wasn't just the article, if you read the whole exchange, he admits he gets like this once or twice a year. The article and the bullshit Vegas poll was what set him off this go around.

And frankly, yeah I find the article to be the latest installment of entitlement mindset babbling. Biased, presuming to speak for the majority. If I was Orci, I would have probably told the author off too or contacted the admin at TrekMovie and demanded equal time to rebut it.

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Wtf Robby. So a couple hundred people at Vegas Con 2013 vote STID to be the worst film in the franchise.
Eh? STID may have its problems, but seriously, if those people think it's the worst Trek film ever, they obviously haven't seen the pile of excrement that was Generations, or Nemesis.
I found it all too similar to, and indeed worse than, Nemesis and both much worse than Generations (which 09 was pretty similar to but better).

Of course he can defend himself and his work but trying to do so by stating the obvious that it made a lot of money is hardly a strong defense, even a bit self-damning. Getting so angry over detractors (although some indeed are extreme or worse get personal) when so many others liked it seems wierd.
I doubt he's that out of the ordinary in modern Hollywood. The buffer between fans and creators is all but gone. It's more personal these days. It's harder to ignore the critics when people jump on the least little critical thing and blow it up to a total damnation of your work (see: Vegas poll).

There's an affliction in fandom (not just ST) where some people want to see the creators falter and fail. Knock 'em down a peg of two and prove their no better than the fans. It's sad and it's a cancer killing a lot of fandoms.
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