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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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Season 2 is without doubt the best Voyager season and the best season of all Star Trek series.

Most of the episodes are excellent, the only episodes that isn't that good is "Threshold" and it is at least funny to watch if you imagine it as a nightmare Janeway had after eating too much of Neelix's food.

My favorite episodes are "Cold Fire", Persistence of Vision" and "Alliances".
The only episode that isn't that good is "Threshold"?

Season 2 contains the episode that informs me that I'm descended from space aliens. I'm not completely human.

Star Trek manages to achieve justification for the European genocide of indigenous Americans. Well done! Glad you enjoyed that piece of garbage so much!
And all of a sudden, the whole thread turns into another "bash Lynx" thread! That's constructive!

I have told you over and over and over and over and over and over and over again during the last years that I didn't like the "Sky Spirits" concept at all. I have told you many times that I do also find that concept insulting to the American Indians and that I totally agree with your statements about it.

I have also written many times that I would have liked Chakotay's background story presented in another way.

But for some strange reason, you seem to forget that. I can't understand why. You do seem to have a good memory when it comes to many other Voyager aspects.

The reason that I don't totally axe "Threshold" is because I do find parts of Chakotay's background story interesting, his relation to his father and such. I also happen to like the subplot with The Doctor's simulated flu and how Kes prolonged that. I think this subplot actually saves the episode from a total disaster.
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