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I did not know this. I have the TAS DVD set, but do not have Netflix sadly.
TAS is the one case where I can honestly say you're not missing much. TAS was made cheaply and made with the resolution of '70s TVs in mind. Even on the DVDs you can see dirt and hair caught in between the layers of the animation cells. In HD it's just more obvious.

Anything live-action Trek is totally worth watching/owning the HD version, though.
It doesn't look as muddy as the DVDs but it's certainly not an eye-opening difference like TOS or TNG. There's just not that much extra detail there. But it does look noticeably better to me than the TAS DVDs.

I'd pick up a TAS Blu-ray. Not sure why they're not doing one.
It's been a while since I've watched TAS, I'll have to go back and compare.

And yes I'd get a TAS BD set if they made one, for completest sake. Might as well have everything in as high resolution as possible I have fond memories of renting TAS video tapes in the '80s.
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