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Re: IS the okuda timeline canon?

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What three years later line is this? I can't quite remember.
the opening of Emissary (DS9) has the battle of Wolf 359
We then have a caption of " 3 years later" and cut to Sisko arriving at Deep Space Nine.
Which would be 2370.
The whole "three years later" thing messes things up, when only little over two years has actually passed since "TBOBW2" aired in TNG's fourth season. DS9 premiered in the middle of TNG's sixth season. I just decided it was rounding up to three years. Unfortunately, right at the beginning of DS9 season two, Sisko talks about the four year anniversary of his wife's death. This is right at the beginning of TNG's seventh season, only three years since "TBOBW2."

Basically, DS9 screws everything up. There's no easy way to explain it by itself, let alone well enough to account for other date discrepancies (like Molly being four years old when she was born only one season earlier on TNG). Back when I used to care about stuff like this, it frustrated me to no end. I found the best way to deal with it is to simply not care.
that can work if we take it that it was the third year after the Wolf 359 it occurs. ( hence three years ago ) which makes it 2370. thats ok though Molly remains an issue.

Then again "Pegasus" seems to date the seventh season of TNG specifically so... maybe not.

EDIT - Having just watched Generations again, It does seem possible that Generations is set in early 2372. - The Stardate is after that of "Eye of the Needle" and Data mentions 34 years of growth. Datas activation is listed as 2nd February 2338 - so if his comment is correct ti would be 2372.

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