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Re: China to land rover on Moon by end of this year

Assuming that drive even works--and that is a big if--it is a space drive only. Ion engines, field effect--that sort of thing--doesn't have the thrust to descend to the Moon's surface. Can they dock with an asteroid? Maybe.

If you want to land on Europa or the Moon, you will have to do a LEM type burn. There just isn't a way around that. Look, I wish anti-gravity was real. I wish the EM drive was real. But if you don't believe me, then ask my rival here, Byeman, as Jim from NASASPACEFLIGHT likes to call himself.

We may not agree on much--but we both take a dim view of some of these promised field effect craft. I don't buy into them, and I don't think he does either. Send him a PM if you don't believe me.
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