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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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And frankly I'm really getting tired of the Mona Lisa comparisons, it's really not appropriate to compare the accomplishments of Leonardo Da Vinci with what is essentially a TV show, IMHO. (though I do love TNG).
Forcing a painting to fit into a frame it was never intended to fit is an entirely apt comparison. No one is comparing the aesthetic qualities of a Renaissance painting to a 1980s TV series.

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I guess what I'm not getting in any of these posts is why anyone would want a cropped image.
Seconded to infinity & beyond!
And eight pages later I'm still not getting it, beyond some vague notion that no one will watch an old show because of the shape of the frame. It doesn't stop people from watching old B&W films. And I remember a few decades ago when people claimed no one would watch old B&W films anymore because they weren't in color.
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