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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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this notion is hard to get enthusiastic about: "only about getting Babylon 5 back on television in reruns for now...perhaps with a side order of getting it on streaming sites, later". Any campaign should be focused on "getting Babylon 5 on Netflix" first.
To explain further the thought behind this...there are any number of TV channels in every market that might be good candidates to show Babylon 5. If we can get a bunch of those showing it so that potential new viewers can run across it while channel surfing, they're more likely to go looking for more...on Netflix or Hulu or other streaming sites.

There are far fewer streaming sites. And any of them who want to show B5 would be in competition with those 26 episodes the WB is showing so WB isn't likely to offer it to them (and in fact, it used to be on Netflix but got pulled a while back). But if plenty of fans go searching for it, they're (the streaming services) likely to go asking for it. And again, the surest way to get lots of people looking for it is to grow the potential viewer base by getting it on TV.

JMS said that fans need to get organized and get loud. Everybody can run around in different directions if they want but I think it would be counter-productive. This needs to be a long-term strategy, not just one intense push if we're going to get WB to listen.


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