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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

The fact is if you want your show to have mindshare and build an audience over time in the modern world, you need to get it on Netflix Instant.

Period. (or at the very least, on a couple of competitors, a la Hulu and Amazon Instant, but I think the buzz is with Netflix)

The only place B5 streams is a season and a half... ON WB.COM?

Excuse me while I burst out laughing at that ridiculousness.

Gee what bout the gazillion of people who watch Netflix on their TVs, X-Boxes, PS3s, Chromecasts, tablets, and phones?

It's 2013. Whoever is handling digital distribution (Warners?) needs to get off their ass into modern times.

B5 is an example of a show that is probably not making the studio much money at the moment - maybe lingering DVD set sales, that's it. It's the exact kind of niche show that you make a fair deal with Netflix to put on their service. New fans regularly discover shows like Firefly and Arrested Development via Netflix online.

this notion is hard to get enthusiastic about: "only about getting Babylon 5 back on television in reruns for now...perhaps with a side order of getting it on streaming sites, later". Any campaign should be focused on "getting Babylon 5 on Netflix" first.
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