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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise: How is the Federation Losing So Badly?

Just answering the points raised in responses.
  • Given that we know the Federation had no contact with the Romulans after the Tomed Incident in the 2310s, I don't think it makes sense to assume there were Fed-Romulan negotiations going on at the time. What's more likely there I think is the Romulans see the Feds and Klingons at war, also have someone sympathetic to them on the High Council (Duras) and decide to capitalize on that and offer to aid the Klingons in some fashion.
  • I always assumed Yar's line meant that the Enterprise was simply the first Galaxy-class ship outfitted as a warship, hence the very large troop complement and minimalist interior. (It would then also explain how she was in service a year earlier, if they decided to try a warship configuration without all the odds and ends put into Galaxy and Yamato.
  • The conversation about "mothballing" Starfleet never made a lot of sense outside of it being the typical bureaucratic scare-mongering that institutions like the military like to do. Afterall the end of the Cold War and even the recent budget sequester have also been likened to dismantling the entire military when clearly that hasn't been the case.
  • Starfleet evidently is substantially more dispersed in the 24th century as it gets larger commitments. The E-B being the only ship to help the El-Aurian refugees, having time to only cobble 40 ships together in a fleet for Wolf 359, etc. all suggest that Starfleet has a lot more cubic lightyears of space to cover than they have ships.
  • Even if the Tzenkethi and Cardassian conflicts start as border conflicts, if the escalation of the Klingon War in the 2350s would probably give them sufficient reason to mass large groups of ships to take some strategic star systems and possibly take out some Starbases.
  • A "Sneak Attack" type situation from the Klingons might be possible, if Starfleet Intelligence is completely asleep at the wheel and they make good use of cloaks. I think it was in Star Fleet Battles where the Klingons manage to isolate and destroy a fair number of the Federation's main ships of the line before the Organians stopped the war.
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