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Re: Getting it in the house

Kinda OT but similar problem:

Where I used to work, there was repeated discussion over a number of years about my department being moved to another city. Serious enough that preliminary ideas and problems were being scouted, like electrical needs, temperature controls, size/weight of equipment. We were in the basement of a size able building, but next to the service tunnels. Of course, my labs were farthest from the tunnels, and had the biggest problem. Literally biggest.

We had a 25,000 pound single piece of honed granite that would have to be moved. My supervisor didn't realize this and asked if I knew how it had come in. The engineer who had retired years ago had told me: it was the first item in the department put into place, and then the walls between the tunnel and that room were built. It would have to be the last item removed, after the walls were taken down, being careful for high-pressure air lines hiding in the walls--that rock and its support system were actually designed to float on air!

The department remains in place.

Sometimes moving something is just too much trouble.
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