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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

readers have yet to witness all the steps she’s taken, since a period of time—roughly 2377 through 2380—has thus far gone undocumented in the DS9 novels. If the books continue to sell well, though, there is every chance that at least some of those developments will be explored in more detail somewhere down the road.
At the risk of beating a dead horse, I really cannot wait to read about this gap - though I have really enjoyed this most recent run of DS9 related books, I cannot help but be utterly jarred and frustrated every time some reference to this missing gap is invoked - and there are plenty of them! From Raiq in the monastery, to Odo and the missing Founders, to Rebecca's kidnapping fallout, etc to the 'death' of Taran'atar and why he attacked Ro, never mind what happened to Jake - all the emotional heft that these events that were set-up to be world-shaking has seemingly been drained out of them for me, and so have their ramifications since it just feels like a traumatic gap in my memory to come across their effects in the current context.

Its not that I don't like where the stories have taken everybody - I love that Kira's a vedek, I love that Odo is back in the Alpha Quadrant, I love that Sisko has found a new path post-Emissary, but I just feel that all of these developments are tainted because when I read about how they happened, I'm just reminded that I wasn't there to see it.

I almost wish there weren't so many references to these story ramifications, because its very clear that the author knows how important these plot events were in his descriptions of them in the most recent book or two, but it just jolts me out of the flow of this current story to be asked to absorb the importance of things like the Acendants, or the trip by Ghemor's double in to the wormhole, when I've been narrative jerked around as it were (as opposed to deftly disoriented in some sort of french-novel way, which a more deliberate time-jump might have allowed for).

Does anybody have any idea how well these DS9 books are selling? The sooner these storylines are told, the better for this reader. The notion that 'anything can happen' is gone out of them now, of course, but even still, I was so completely fascinated by the idea of another race who worshiped the prophets somehow on the other side of the worm hole, and by the idea of a planet-sized changeling (and I'm sure I've forgetting a few other things left dangling...), etc.
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